Josh Case - Doctor and Software Developer

Josh Case

Hello! I’m Josh. I'm a doctor and a software developer. I’m using this site to share my projects in the hope it will empower other doctors and medical students to build new software, even without a tech background. I'm passionate about making the world's hospitals safer and more efficient, as well as teaching clinicians how to code. You can find me on Twitter and a few other places. If you've got a project you're working on, I'd love to hear from you!


Code Blue: An Introduction to Programming for Doctors and Medical Students

Learn to code from scratch as a doctor or medical student with no tech background. (The best investment you'll ever make).

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Things I've written

Chapter 1: How to Learn to Code
The first chapter of my programming book "Code Blue"
I'm Leaving Full-Time Medicine - Here are the Reasons Why
Technology, risk-taking, and my plans for 2021
Automating my day job as a junior doctor in Australia
One tedious data entry task at a time
I Sold 21 Copies of a Book I Hadn't Even Written
How to test product demand before you've spent a cent or minute on it
10 Reasons Doctors Should Learn to Code
Apps, websites, scripts - anything. Regardless, the opportunities are there.
How to Create and Launch Your App
A 12 Step Guide for Those Who Don't Code.
Going Viral: The Time My App Hit the Top of The App Store Charts
Lessons Learned in a Data-Driven Post-Mortem

Things I've built

Rapid Access to Forms (Rapid AF)
A mobile app and cloud library that turns any hospital fax machine into a distribution centre for paper forms.
A script to automate the generation of inpatient team pathology lists in Australian hospitals.
Weekend (Demo Version)
A standalone Vue app designed to help get junior doctors working in Queensland, Australia home on time on a Friday afternoon.
An app for iOS and Android that helps doctors prescribe blood products in major trauma.
Daily Medical Trivia
A mobile app that brings together Candy Crush style gameplay with med school trivia content.
A calculator to help Australian doctors write PBS prescriptions for prednisone.