Josh Case - Doctor and Software Developer

Josh Case

Hello! I’m Josh. I'm a doctor and a software developer. I’m using this site to share my projects in the hope it will empower other doctors and medical students to build new software, even without a tech background. I'm passionate about making the world's hospitals safer and more efficient, as well as teaching clinicians how to code. You can find me on Twitter and a few other places. If you've got a project you're working on, I'd love to hear from you!


Code Blue: An Introduction to Programming for Doctors and Medical Students

Learn to code from scratch as a doctor or medical student with no tech background. (The best investment you'll ever make).

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Things I've written

Chapter 1: How to Learn to Code
The first chapter of my programming book "Code Blue"
I'm Leaving Full-Time Medicine - Here are the Reasons Why
Technology, risk-taking, and my plans for 2021
Automating my day job as a junior doctor in Australia
One tedious data entry task at a time
Flexibility is essential in fighting doctor burnout and workforce shortages in Australian public hospitals
Hospitals ought to invest in technology that enables flexible workplace offerings, or risk the hyper-casualisation of their workforce
7 Healthtech Lessons I Learned from Selling Poo in 2006
The story of my first business, and how it shaped my career in healthtech
Introducing the Go Locum Map View
How we Built a Map of Real-time Locum Jobs
7 Incredible Things I Saw At HLTH2022: Las Vegas
What Happened In Vegas Definitely Won't Stay There
7 Ways Finding a Co-founder is like Dating
Red flags, green flags, ghosting, and everything in-between.
Why the world needs more tech savvy clinicians
On the Johari Window and the role of generalists in a rapidly evolving health ecosystem.
Announcing the launch of Friend Relationship Manager
Unfortunately, the market has spoken, and there's simply not enough appetite for a tool that makes getting high paying medical locum jobs as easy as booking an AirBnb.
The Rotational Nature of Junior Medical Jobs Inhibits Solutions to Workflow Problems
Coming and going all the time hurts our efficiency, and here's what we can do about.
All your patients' bloods on one page in one click
It's been 12 months in the making, but soon every Queensland doctor will have a new tool in their tool kit.
The Best Way for Australian Doctors to Claim Overtime
Getting rid of the paper overtime form once and for all
9 Mistakes That Cost Me Money When Launching My App
From the first line of code to the first dollars in revenue, here are the things I'd do differently
On Misaligned Incentives in HealthTech
The Value Transfer Levy and the counter-intuitive economic climate for innovative tools in public hospitals
How to Prototype your App
Finding Product-Market-Channel-Model fit
I Sold 21 Copies of a Book I Hadn't Even Written
How to test product demand before you've spent a cent or minute on it
10 Reasons Doctors Should Learn to Code
Apps, websites, scripts - anything. Regardless, the opportunities are there.
How to Create and Launch Your App
A 12 Step Guide for Those Who Don't Code.
Going Viral: The Time My App Hit the Top of The App Store Charts
Lessons Learned in a Data-Driven Post-Mortem
How to decide which user feedback matters
User feedback is widely understood to be a cornerstone of product development, but not every user request should be taken literally.

Things I've built

A free shift tracker and overtime log for doctors in Australia.
Rapid Access to Forms (Rapid AF)
A mobile app and cloud library that turns any hospital fax machine into a distribution centre for paper forms.
A script to automate the generation of inpatient team pathology lists in Australian hospitals.
Weekend (Demo Version)
A standalone Vue app designed to help get junior doctors working in Queensland, Australia home on time on a Friday afternoon.
An app for iOS and Android that helps doctors prescribe blood products in major trauma.
Daily Medical Trivia
A mobile app that brings together Candy Crush style gameplay with med school trivia content.
A calculator to help Australian doctors write PBS prescriptions for prednisone.